Our Mission

Transform Your Data into Actionable Insights

Elevate your business with our expert-driven digital transformation services, harnessing the power of big data, AI, and cloud computing to secure your competitive edge in today's fast-paced market.

"Starting overnight with FUNKTIONSWERK was seamless. They quickly turned our concept into a scalable solution, ready for our expected user load. Years later, their software continues to run without a hitch. Their support has been crucial for our uninterrupted success."

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Daniel Schmeh
CEO, Keyword Hero

"FUNKTIONSWERK has provided invaluable support in the modernization of our application infrastructure, offering pragmatic and solution-oriented advice. Their consistent reliability and accessibility establish them as an ideal partner for our needs."

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Urban Fetz
Partner and Senior Consultant, Partner & Partner

"Since our inception, FUNKTIONSWERK has played a pivotal role in unlocking the treasures within our digital resources. Their unwavering support and innovative solutions from day one have been a cornerstone of our growth, ensuring that we always stay ahead in leveraging our digital assets effectively."

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Moritz Maria Thoma
Managing Director, Grips
What we do

Big Data, Full Stack, Cloud, AI

FUNKTIONSWERK Development Services

Data Engineering - Transform Data into Intelligence

We understand that data is the cornerstone of AI.

Our solutions transform complex and amorphous datasets into strategic intelligence, establishing the foundation for advanced model development.

High Quality Full Stack Development

Seamless digital experiences are crucial.

We offer robust full-stack development from user-friendly front-ends to powerful back-ends, perfect for businesses aiming to thrive in the digital age.

Cloud Solutions Engineering

Our mastery in cloud solutions engineering aligns with the dynamic needs of modern enterprises.

We build scalable, secure cloud infrastructures that support growth and adapt to changing demands.


FUNKTIONSWERK Is German - With Several Meanings

The meaning of FUNKTIONSWERK

Work of Art Made of Functions

Our software, engineered for optimal functionality and efficiency, transforms meticulous code into an art form. This professional elegance elevates the user experience, marrying technology and aesthetics in a seamless blend of performance and design.

Workshop That Manufactures Functions

We collaboratively brainstorm, design, and implement software functions, using version control and pair programming. This dynamic approach fosters creativity, leverages our collective expertise, and efficiently delivers high-quality, user-focused software components through continuous development and feedback.

Workpiece That Functions Reliably

Experience software crafted for simplicity and reliability. We promise intuitively designed solutions, ensuring efficiency and user-friendliness. With us, enjoy seamless integration and hassle-free functionality, bringing your vision to life through elegantly simple, flawlessly performing software. Trust in our commitment to excellence.

Get Your Own FUNKTIONSWERK Running!


See How the Magic Happens

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